Read some of the comments from participants:

“You create a great atmosphere to be in from start to finish”

“Thank you very much for your creative ways of bringing the topics closer to us, illuminating us with little stories from previous trainings or your own experience. The way you injected a bit of fun into everything and by incorporating so many activities and exercises or challenges, the training became something to really look forward to every day”

“Not only have you managed to get across an awful lot of knowledge, tools and facts to us, you also made it fun. I felt like going back to school again (I loved going to school, mind you!), and only having classes with my two favourite teachers. Simply awesome”

“Thank you very much for your inspiring drawings, your enthusiasm and your great sense of humour. You have an ability to lighten up the atmosphere and bring training content across in a way that makes learning and remembering so much easier”

“Jon, I wish I could emulate and exhibit the exuberance and the vitality you have. Your contribution on the practical aspects of the training was very good and so was the example of artwork on flip charts. Never came across an alternate medium of presentation to power point ever since Bill Gates decided to supersede the artistic talents of many of your genre. I am sure each one of us would try emulating this style wherever feasible”